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Neal Roston began his musical explorations in Los Angeles at the age of five, when he began playing the piano. Neal soon began studying classical piano, but became increasingly influenced by rock n' roll in his playing. By the age of twelve, Neal became obsessed with the notion of playing piano like Elton John.

As the years progressed, Neal also became strongly influenced by jazz masters such as Keith Jarrett, John Coltrane, and Miles Davis. Neal honed his improvisational skills, and began putting them to use by making up music for dance classes at Tufts University.

After graduating with a music degree, Neal began writing pop/rock music. He found friends with similar musical interests and began performing in groups such as Blue Stucco, The Neal Roston Band, and The Trees.

Although greatly influenced by late 60's and early 70's rock, Neal has always strived toward the expansion of his musical awareness and expression. He enjoys listening to almost any type of music, and is always challenging himself to become familiar with new modes of musical expression. Currently, Neal plays with the group Project Queue, a funk/blues/fusion band, and Cosmic Mercy, an original rock band.

Neal originally began writing pop/rock music in the hope of becoming a star. Although that hasn't happened yet (Neal is currently working as a music teacher in the public schools), one never knows........

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